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BASF Introduces MasterEmaco T 5000 Chemical Resistant Repair Mortar and Grout

January 24, 2017

The Construction Chemicals division of BASF Corporation tlaunched  MasterEmaco T 5000, a chemical resistant repair mortar and grout. The product is available in North America.

MasterEmaco T 5000 is a multi-functional solution used to repair damaged concrete or grout smaller equipment that will experience varying levels of chemical exposure. Depending on the project need, the material can be mixed to create either a thick repair mortar or a flowable grout.

The product is a 100 percent solids resin system for solvent-free and nearly odor- free applications. The 7-day strength reaches 11,040 PSI as a repair mortar, and 10,000 PSI as an ancillary grout. MasterEmaco T 5000 has been evaluated against 240 chemicals, and its performance for each is documented in the MasterEmaco T 5000 Chemical Resistance Guide, available at

MasterProtect 170CR epoxy coating can also be applied to the repair and grouting application to offer an even higher level of protection. 

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