Thickener for Paint Systems

August 13, 2013

U.S. 8,246,738 B2
Agrana Staerke GmbH has been granted a patent for a method for producing a dispersion-binder-based paint system, which is comprised of the step of: admixing a combination of at least one starch derivative with at least one high-viscosity cellulose to the paint system as a thickener, the cellulose having a viscosity of >50,000 m Pa·s measured by a Brookfield rotation viscometer as a 2 percent  swollen aqueous solution at 5 rpm and 25° C, wherein the starch derivative is cross-linked and the  starch derivative is cold-water-soluble; wherein the system does not comprise polymers and copolymers based on acrylic and methacrylic acids as rheology-imparting agents.