Inkmaker Announces COVID-19 'Action Measures'


Inkmaker Group announced its latest “COVID-19 Action Measures” for business continuity in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. 
Christophe Rizzo, CEO EMEA/Americas, Inkmaker Group said: 

“In accordance with the latest recommendations and decisions of government leaders and health officials of the countries most at risk –where we are present – we have adapted our modus operandi to contain the virus as follows
“In Italy, Inkmaker and Tecnopails’ premises are temporarily closed for one week. Similarly, Inkmaker France and in the UK for Rexson and Vale-tech. In Malaysia, Inkmaker and Teko’s premises have closed until end-March. In these countries, we are working remotely from home. 
“However, in the United States, Inkmaker remains open and in Shanghai, our assembly unit is fully operational and to handle the increased demand, we have doubled the size of our premises there. 
“Technology, between our brands continues to be shared electronically to increase efficiency in all our products across our brand range. Stock levels remain unchanged and we continue to complete orders. 
“Additionally, Inkmaker Group and its subsidiaries wish to reassure our customers that our global team is actively managing our factories, warehouses, suppliers and partners to ensure our supply chain proceeds with the least interruptions possible and business continues as usual.
“We continue to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 daily – These ‘action measures’ are in direct response to the situation. The board would like to thank all our colleagues at Inkmaker Group for their professionalism and cool-headedness in this time of global crisis—we are extremely proud of this incredible team."