PPG Introduces Disinfectant 20R to Help Customers Return to Business

By Coatings World staff | 08.14.20

PPG announced the introduction of Disinfectant 20R (D20R), an antiviral and antibacterial disinfectant developed specifically to help PPG customers and their employees return to business safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

D20R is a water-based, odorless, non-corrosive and ready-to-use disinfectant for hard surfaces, including floors, handrails, plastic surfaces, furniture, and bathroom fixtures. Using its existing expertise in bacterial technologies, PPG designed D20R to maximize efficiency against viruses.

“PPG has introduced D20R to proactively support our customers and help them protect their employees and businesses during these uncertain times,” said Ram Vadlamannati, PPG senior vice president, protective and marine coatings, and president, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The disinfectant is qualified to European regulatory standards for its virucidal (EN14476) and bactericidal (EN13697, EN1276) efficacy. It has already passed national biocidal registrations in France, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.

Through spray application or direct wiping on a surface, D20R is proven to deactivate the toughest bacteria and viruses within five minutes, so that the surface is clean and the risk of pathogen transmissions are reduced. The disinfectant can be used to sanitize any hard surface at regular intervals, providing a hygienic environment and supporting the safe reopening of businesses.

PPG’s experience in bacterial and virucidal technologies uniquely positioned the company to develop, test and mass produce a high-quality disinfectant. The company is manufacturing the disinfectant at its Architectural Coatings facility in Genlis, France.

D20R is currently being used by PPG customers in the aerospace, automotive, industrial, architectural, packaging and refinish sectors in Austria, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Beginning in September, the product also will be available in Denmark, Norway, Portugal and Sweden. Additional countries to be added in the coming months include Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Russia and Slovakia.

The disinfectant has been tested across a wide range of PPG coatings products to guarantee its compatibility with enhanced hygiene regimes.

“Providing a certified, effective disinfectant that supports a safe return to operations is essential for our customers’ businesses, the economy, and the restart of global supply chains,” said Thierry Destruhaut, PPG global portfolio director, architectural coatings.