SICO Paint Unveils Its Top Colors for Spring and Summer 2015

SICO paints forecasts rich floral colors to be in be the popular color choice for spring and summer 2015.

Specifically the company has noted that deep pastel tones, such as blue hydrangeas, dusty pink roses, saturated orange and turquoise peonies, sunflowers, clay grey stones and reddish brown vines will be popular color choices for consumers

“This season’s paint palette is filled with saturated colors, in both warm and cool tones,” said Mylène Gévry, marketing manager for Sico paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings. “It’s all about bringing colours of the garden inside and using them in creative ways.”

Topping Sico paint’s list of hot colors for spring and summer 2015 are Impetuous Blue (6022-41), Ningxia Pink (6052-52), Dynastic Orange (6065-64), Blueberry Flower (6525-23), Dark Lemon (6098-64), Cotton Flower (6186-31), Stainless Steel (6241-21), Cayman Blue (6151-52), Sargasso Sea (6146-42) and Aperitif (6039-73).

“The back-to-basics, return-to-nature trend firmly planted in home decor the last couple of years is now moving away from neutral tones toward more colorful – while still soothing – elements of nature,” Gévry said, crediting the fashion world for the infusion of rich tones into interior design.

“The fashion runways are filled with deep pastels, both on their own and in bold, oversized floral patterns that are trending right now,” she said. ”This rich, floral influence is spilling over into all facets of home decor, from fabric and furniture to drapery and accessories.”

To meet growing consumer demand for color-infused decor, Sico paint recently introduced the MUSE line, billed as the brand’s best paint for rich colors. A paint-and-primer-in-one product, Sico Muse paint features a  TOUCH RESIST TECHNOLOGY paint innovation that gives color surfaces richness and depth, while providing maximum resistance to scratches, marks and stains.

To view the Sico paint spring and summer palette first-hand; use the SICO DECO COLOUR LAB program, a virtual tool, to try them out; and get design inspiration from top home decor bloggers, visit The Sico brand provides Canadian DIY consumers a complete line of high-quality interior and exterior paints.
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