keim additec Brings the World of Waxes and Additives to ACS


Visit keim additec at Booth 2046.

keim additec surface LLC has a large variety of waxes and additives readily available for paint and coatings formulations. Despite supply chain shortages and logistic problems created by the pandemic, keim additec is one of the few global companies that is sufficiently inventoried.

“We are not letting our customers down,” said Mark Bitting, managing director. “We are ahead of the curve in supplying our customers. Many companies are inadequately inventoried. Our waxes are backward integrated. We are able to produce our own waxes and raw materials and we are supplying our waxes worldwide.”

The following products are being highlighted at the American Coatings Show:
  • SILCONA GmbH - produces non-wax based highly efficient SILCO additives as SILCO SPERSE dispersants, SILCO WET for wetting, SILCO FLW for flow/leveling, SILCO GLIDE for slip, SILCO PHOBE for hydrophobing and SILCO AF defoamers.
  • EUROCERAS - produces a unique range of synthetic CERALENE® polyester waxes, which show comparable properties to montan wax for different applications.  Our wax portfolio is broadened by oxidized and functionalized PE-waxes.
  • CERONAS GmbH - produces wax specialties. For plastics CERONAS offers functionalized VISCOCER® waxes and unique/reactive ADDIMER® waxes.