Coatex Highlights Waterborne Rheological Additives at CHINACOAT 2019


Coatex will demonstrate the ways in which its range of waterborne rheology modifiers can help customers formulated high performance coatings.

As  one  of  the  leaders  in rheology  modifiers,  Coatex  will  present its  latest solutions  for  low  VOC waterborne formulations during CHINACOAT 2019. With  other  BUs  of  the  Arkema  Group,  Coatex will  welcome  visitors  and share about its  new  additives, thickenersand dispersants  at booth # W3.E05, Zone 8.

CHINACOAT  is  an  opportunity  for  Coatex  to  demonstrate  the  many  ways  in  which  its  full  range  of waterborne  rheology  modifiers  can  help  customers formulate a  wide  variety  of  high-performance coatings.

Latest innovations
  • Coapur  3320, a   new   highly   efficient Newtonian polyurethane thickener   with excellent cost efficiencyand high performanceat low dosage
  • Coadis   790, non-ionic polymeric dispersant  for industrial  coatings,  inks  and pigments pastes with improved compatibility and excellent stability
  • Rheotech  M  03, innovative  acrylic thickener  for high  buildin waterproofing membranes, putties, spackles and sealants
  • Rheotech146, acrylic thickener providing high body, and smooth applicationproperties especially developed for adhesives and sealants.