keim additec Highlights Product Offerings at CHINACOAT


keim is presenting its products at CHINACOAT in coordination with its distributor HJ Unkel.

keim additec is showcasing its extensive product offerings at CHINACOAT. The company is looking forward to meeting with existing customers and making new contacts at the show.

“CHINACOAT in general is a very good opportunity for meeting a lot of our existing customers as well as getting in contact with new ones at this important marketplace,” said David Grabacki, president, keim additec surface USA LLC. “The additional benefit is learning a deeper understanding about ongoing changes, demands and challenges within the Chinese coatings industry.”

“This year, as for the last 20 years, we are presenting our products at CHINACOAT in coordination with our distributor HJ Unkel,” said Mr. Grabacki. “Besides our well-established water-based ULTRALUBE wax  additives of keim additec surface GmbH and high performance SILCO GmbH & Co KG coating additives, we will be highlighting our micronized mju:waxes of CERONAS GmbH & Co KG. We provide these products to further strengthen our excellent business relationships with customers and business partners.”

“Besides a special range of water-based ULTRALUBE wax additives with a high degree of renewable ingredients for various applications we are presenting the latest evolution of our MD-series, MD-8008, based on backward-integrated raw-materials and technology, for particular use in clearcoats with highest rub and abrasion resistance,” said Mr. Grabacki. 

These include: SILCONA - SILCO OZ 100 open time extenderToday’s paint market is pushing for low-/non emission paints. Solvents are no longer formulated. By that reason the time frame to rework painted areas is shortened and needs to be extended. SILCO OZ 100 retards water within the film without negative influence on final properties e.g. dirt pickup – stain resistance.
CERONAS mju:wax grades are providing excellent abrasion and scratch resistances with e. g. mju:wax 2002FN and 2002EFN in the use of solventborne applications.

“Especially for waterborne coatings we are offering mju:wax 2594 with an excellent in can stability as well as scratch and abrasion resistances in industrial clearcoats. These grades are also compliant to the Swiss ordinance, BfR and FDA,” Mr. Grabacki said. “mju:wax 2615 is specially developed for waterborne coatings, with easy to stir in properties as well as excellent abrasion and rub resistances. For matted clear coats with outstanding transparency we are promoting our mju:wax 7902 including very good scratch resistances and smooth surfaces. Especially for metal marking resistance our mju:wax 9200 shows in solventborne pigmented coatings and slippery surface including easy to remove metal markings.”