EPS Showcases High-performance Resins at Eastern Coatings Show


Engineered Polymer Solutions will present its high- performance range of resins at the Eastern Coatings Show in Atlantic City, NJ.
“With unmatched technical insight into coatings and a personalized approach to doing business, we provide our customers with innovative polymers to advance their architectural, industrial, and construction coatings. We are committed to understanding and meeting our customers’ needs through state of the art technical solutions,” said Henry Bunch, senior global VP for EPS.
Highlights include EPS 2719, an advanced acrylic emulsion designed to minimize asphalt bleed- through in cool roof coatings while maintaining flexibility and toughness. Roof coatings based on EPS 2719 offer UV and dirt pickup resistance, as well as excellent adhesion to asphaltic and other common construction substrates.
EPS will also present two new products that are being launched this year:
  • Low Surface Energy Adhesion Polymer – Acrylic latex emulsion developed for use in primer/basecoat formulations, with improved adhesion to TPO and roofing membranes;
  • Direct-To-Metal <50g/L VOC Polymer – Self-crosslinking, acrylic emulsion that has the capability to formulate coatings at <50g/L VOC. This product offers excellent gloss, corrosion and chemical resistance, early water resistance, and rapid hardness development.