Borchers Exhibits Color-Boost, Transparency and Cobalt Replacement Systems


At the ECS, Borchers showcased its Borchi Boost systems and Compatibilizers.

The company’s coating additives are designed to increase processing options, improve free-flowing properties, consistency and gloss control, surface appearance and drying. Borchers applies a complete solutions approach that encompasses all stages from production to application. Its tool box allows the formulator to tailor-make systems to improve properties such as durability and meet the challenges of ever-increasing environmental regulations.

At the ECS, Borchers showcased its Borchi Boost systems and Compatibilizers, developed to improve color acceptance in base coats. Another focus was Borchi Gen 1750, an advanced solution for “ultimate transparency on wood” with the added advantages of low paste viscosity, high pigment loading and shorter grind times than industry benchmarks, says the company. Borchers also featured a “jetness” system designed to promote durable, water-based, black automotive shades

A further highlight was Borchi Oxy-Coat cobalt replacement system. “Alkyd chemistry requires a metal dryer,” said Global Marketing Director Laura Bittle.” Oxy-Coat avoids the yellowing caused by cobalt systems as well as promoting rapid drying.