• Salary Survey

    Salary Survey

    November 15, 2007
    || Welcome to the Sixth Annual Coatings World Salary Survey! This year’s results are derived from more than 500 respondents from our readership about employment attitudes, responsibilities, education and salaries.

  • White Pigments Update

    White Pigments Update

    Kerry Pianoforte October 17, 2007
    || Suppliers look to the Asia-Pacific region as this area becomes the largest consumer of titanium dioxide.

  • On the R&D Front with Eastman Chemical Co.

    On the R&D Front with Eastman Chemical Co.

    Tim Wright October 17, 2007
    || The coatings additives team at Eastman Chemical Co. took Coatings World on a tour of its new paint spray facility for a behind-the-scenes up-close look at the type of high-tech innovation that is leading the company forward as a first-class supplier to the coatings industry.

  • The Indian Paint Industry

    The Indian Paint Industry

    Parthasarathy Devaraj October 17, 2007
    || Paint majors continue to invest more dollars in India, which is one of the fastest growing markets across the globe.

  • Automotive Refinish Market

    Automotive Refinish Market

    Tim Wright October 17, 2007
    || While the automotive refinish market is level to slightly declining in the mature markets of North America and Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific are experiencing healthy growth.

  • Exterior Architectural Coatings Market

    Exterior Architectural Coatings Market

    Tim Wright October 17, 2007
    || Rising raw material costs, an overall slowdown in economic activity in mature markets, tightening VOC regulations and consolidation are all key trends facing exterior architectural coatings manufacturers.

  • Pigment Suppliers Directory

    Pigment Suppliers Directory

    September 19, 2007
    || BASF Corp. (800) 362-2273 Fax: (800) 392-7429 E-mail: custserv_charlotte@basf.com Web: www.basf.com/usa Pigments Offered: Blacks (organic and inorganic, IR reflective and IR transparent); Blues (organic and inorganic); Greens (organic…

  • Biocides, Fungicides and Algaecides Update

    Biocides, Fungicides and Algaecides Update

    Kerry Pianoforte September 19, 2007
    || The key driver for biocides is the continuing move from solventborne to waterborne coatings.

  • Exclusive Interview: FSCT

    Exclusive Interview: FSCT's Joseph Pontoski & NPCA's Andrew Doyle

    Coatings World Staff September 19, 2007
    || Joseph Pontoski, executive director of the FSCT, and Andrew Doyle, president of NPCA, spoke with Coatings World about several issues including the failed merger discussions between the two organizations, the status of the ICE Show, the launch of the American Coatings Show and how these developments will affect the coatings industry.

  • The Construction Chemicals Market

    The Construction Chemicals Market

    Tim Wright September 19, 2007
    || Consolidation continues to be a trend in the construction chemicals market.

  • The Powder Coatings Market

    The Powder Coatings Market

    Tim Wright September 19, 2007
    || Combining the dual advantage of durability and low environmental impact, powder coatings are poised for positive growth in the years ahead. While powder coatings continue to grow even in the mature markets of Western Europe and North America, major powder coatings producers like DuPont and Akzo Nobel are looking to the emerging markets of China and Eastern Europe for the greatest growth opportunities.

  • Rad-Cure Raw Materials Update

    Rad-Cure Raw Materials Update

    Tim Wright July 26, 2007
    || Suppliers continue to develop new innovative offerings to improve and expand the use of UV and EB formulations.

  • High Performance Pigments

    High Performance Pigments

    Kerry Pianoforte July 26, 2007
    || High performance pigment suppliers must balance cost with value-added features and benefits in order to remain competitive.

  • R&D Lab Focus

    R&D Lab Focus

    Kerry Pianoforte July 18, 2007
    || Lab equipment suppliers sound off on their latest products and services for the coatings R&D lab.

  • Resins Suppliers Directory

    Resins Suppliers Directory

    July 18, 2007
    || Alberdingk Boley Greensboro, NC (336) 454-5000 Fax: (336) 454-5007 E-mail: kgaynor@alberdingkusa.com Web: www.alberdingkusa.com Resins offered: acrylic resins, acrylic-styrene emulsions, crosslinking resins, emulsions, hybrid resins, UV…