BASF Predicts Car Colors for Model Year 2019 & Beyond

BASF's new trend collection features 65 global automotive paint colors for 2019 and beyond. The colors explore the powerful potential of Real Authentic Ways (RAW). This overarching theme emerged from trend findings that society is focused on simplicity, authenticity and optimism for the future

In North America the revitalization of urban environments, specifically Detroit, inspires brighter and more varied color choices.

“The BASF global designers met in Detroit in 2014 to explore the raw, re-emerging urban spaces throughout the city,” said Paul Czornij, Technical Manager for the BASF Color Excellence Group. “They were inspired by the resounding feeling of positivity, resilience and optimism from all the people they interacted with at sites such as Eastern Market and the Packard Plant.”

“While exploring Detroit, the importance of water in urban environments became a clear focus and contributed to the strong prevalence of blues in this year’s color predictions.” said Czornij. “Water is the definition of raw and it has a beautiful, sustaining effect. The saturated and cool color blue is intended to be a soothing balance to today’s hectic pace of life.”

Another focus in this year’s color trends is the importance of the baby boomer generation. In the past, people ages 55 and over have been somewhat overlooked in terms of color trend prediction. This year they played a larger, more influential role.  More playful, neutral colors were included in the predictions as a result.     

The RAW color collection demonstrates how the call for more brand rather than more marketing can be implemented in automotive colors in the future.  For instance, in the coming years, colors will employ striking textures to enhance a car's character and support and accentuate its geometric shapes. They will give surfaces a more tactile appearance -- either literally, by means of new concepts that use a perceptibly rough coating -- or visually, through the coarse granulation of the pigments.
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