Africa Report

  • Coronavirus Could Stall Key Paint Consuming Projects in South Africa

    The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic has put in jeopardy a housing construction program announced in February by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa hence dimming the hopes of many paint and coatings companies that may have tendered or…
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 04.15.20

  • Role of Hospitality Industry in Growth of Africa’s Paint Market

    The performance of Africa’s tourism and hospitality sectors has been on a growth trajectory triggering a surge in demand for new hotels and additional rooms that are driving the consumption of high-quality coatings with the potential to create…
    Shem Oirere , Africa Correspondent 02.19.20

  • Impact of AfCFTA on Africa’s Paint and Coatings Market

    At least 44 member-countries of the Africa Union signed the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 12.11.19

  • How Africa Can Mitigate High TiO2 Prices

    Africa’s population is now 1.18 billion and is set to double by 2050 creating huge demand for urban infrastructure and housing that could trigger more growth for the region’s paint and ceramic industries, key drivers in increasing consump…
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 09.30.19

  • How Africa Can Mitigate High TiO2 Prices

    Africa’s population is currently 1.18 billion and set to double by 2050, creating a huge demand for urban infrastructure and housing that could trigger more growth for the region’s paints and ceramic industries, key drivers in increasing…
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 08.23.19

  • New Technology, Cost-Cutting Options Dominate EACC Event in Nairobi

    The East Africa Coatings Congress (EACC) in Nairobi featured two days of exhibitions and technical presentations.
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 08.09.19

  • Outlook of West Africa’s Offshore  Coatings Market

    Outlook of West Africa’s Offshore Coatings Market

    The West Africa offshore oil and gas extraction market has remained resilient despite recent volatile global oil prices that led to temporal scaling down of some upstream exploration and production projects by some international exploration and produ…
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 05.31.19

  • South Africa Road Marking Coatings  Market Set to Grow

    South Africa Road Marking Coatings Market Set to Grow

    South Africa’s total national road network is set to increase from the current 22,214 km to 25,000 km in the medium term resulting in more opportunities for growth of the country’s road marking coatings market.  High growth f…
    Shem Oirere , Africa Correspondent 04.12.19

  • Housing, Furniture Boom to Drive Kenya’s  Wood Coatings Market

    Housing, Furniture Boom to Drive Kenya’s Wood Coatings Market

    The future of Kenya’s wood coatings market looks promising despite persistent challenges in the country’s wood and wood products supply chain, which is characterized by increasing demand against a diminishing supply that could impact the…
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 02.11.19

  • Nigeria’s Automotive Refinish Coatings Market on Growth Path

    Nigeria’s economy is projected to improve to 4.3 percent in 2018 and 4.1 percent in 2019, fueling the growth of its automotive industry, which is one of the biggest consumers of refinish coatings in this oil and gas-rich West Africa country.…
    Shem Oirere , Africa Correspondent 12.03.18

  • South Africa Grapples with Skills Shortage

    The industry is concerned the huge investments in R&D by paint manufacturers could be going to waste.
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 10.03.18

  • Southern Africa Coatings Show Concludes

    The Southern Africa Coatings Show that ended on May 31 in Johannesburg brought together coatings industry raw material manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, chemists and contractors making it the biggest such event in sub-Saharan Africa. Local a…
    Shem Oirere , Africa Correspondent 08.10.18

  • Why Analysts Predict Growth of Africa’s Powder Coatings Market

    Africa’s economy and population are likely to sustain the current growth rates triggering new high consumer levels and expanded middle class that provide suitable environment for positive performance of the region’s powder coatings market…
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 06.04.18

  • Good Times Ahead for Namibia’s Coatings Market Despite Current Construction Industry Downturn

    The growth of Namibia’s paints and coatings market is likely to be suppressed in the short and medium term as the country’s economy remains in recession – constraining the expansion of the construction and automotive sector,  w…
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 04.09.18

  • Construction Boom to Drive Rwanda’s Paints Market

    Construction Boom to Drive Rwanda’s Paints Market

    Rwanda has in the two decades gained notoriety as one of the few sub-Saharan Africa’s fastest growing economies, with higher than global average gross domestic product (GDP) annual growth rates, driven largely by expanding construction, agricul…
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 02.09.18

  • Demand for Corrosion Protection Coatings Set to Grow as South Africa Mining Sector Recovers

    South Africa’s mining and quarrying sector appears to be shedding off its losses record of 2016 and is reporting positive growth for 2017 a development that is likely to trigger an expansion of the country’s metallurgy industries, one of…
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 12.04.17

  • Africa’s Protective Concrete Coatings Market to Expand

    The promising concrete coatings market growth is hinged on the huge strides being made in the construction industry.
    Shem Oirere , Africa Correspondent 10.02.17

  • Automotive Industry Boom to Fuel Africa’s Paints and Coatings Market

    Africa’s paints and coatings market is held by the fast-expanding construction industry but experts believe the automotive sector could hold the key to the long-term growth of the region’s decorative and industrial product volumes. &ld…
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 08.09.17

  • International Companies Seek New Partnerships at the East Africa Coatings Congress 2017

    The second East African Coatings Congress (EACC) 2017 concluded in Kenya’s capital Nairobi on June 14 with participating companies expressing optimism the event would enable them to penetrate the region’s paints and coatings market …
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 07.05.17

  • Pharmaceutical Coatings to Increase as Kenya’s Health Sector Grows

    Kenya’s health industry is expected to expand faster than the country’s overall economic growth in coming years, triggering a healthy increase in the pharmaceutical industry and the associated manufacturing plant coating processes and equ…
    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent 05.01.17