Europe Reports

  • EU Coatings Market Half Year Report

    Europe’s economies are suffering from the impact of a global economic downturn. But for European coatings producers, it is an opportunity to show how well they have been reorganizing themselves to cope with economic pressures. Demand for…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 09.03.19

  • More Europeans Move From DIY to Pros

    More Europeans Move From DIY to Pros

    Instead of opting for DIY, an increasing proportion of home improvers in many European countries are switching to do-it-for-me (DIFM).
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 08.09.19

  • AkzoNobel Fuels Innovation with  Paint the Future Competition

    AkzoNobel Fuels Innovation with Paint the Future Competition

    Pressure on coatings producers in Europe to generate a continuous flow of innovative technologies and products has never been more intense. In response to the needs of customers, coatings are becoming more complex with multipurpose functional prop…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 07.03.19

  • European Coatings Show Focuses on Raw Materials

    Europe’s coatings producers are currently focusing on expanding their use of renewables and biological raw materials. But the objective is not just about the need to help tackle climate change. Coatings manufacturers and their suppliers are…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 05.10.19

  • Pigment Business Divestments to Cause Shake-up for European Market

    The top end of Europe’s coatings raw materials sector is poised for a shake-up as a result of two of its leading players planning the divestment of their pigments businesses. BASF revealed in February that it is aiming to sell off its pigmen…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 04.12.19

  • European Color Trends Remain  Uniform Across Sectors

    European Color Trends Remain Uniform Across Sectors

    European trends in color preferences tend eventually to become relatively uniform across different sectors. Colors or color combinations emerging as a favorite in one sector will become or are already prominent in most of the other major sectors &…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 03.08.19

  • R&D in EU Focuses on Climate Change Issues

    R&D in EU Focuses on Climate Change Issues

    Climate change is at the moment setting the R&D priorities for many European producers of coatings and their raw material suppliers.
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 02.11.19

  • Outlook for 2019 European Coatings Market

    The one bright spot is that after a time of increasing costs, raw material prices should decline offering opportunities for improved margins.
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 01.07.19

  • Product Environmental Footprint Aims to Simplify Labeling of Environmental Performance of Products

    Coatings producers in Europe – and even their customers – have long been skeptical about the benefits of labeling schemes showing the green credentials of coatings and related products. The doubts stem from the profusion in Europe of l…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 12.03.18

  • Nanoparticles Under Regulatory Scrutiny

    The demand for coatings with uniformly sized nanoparticle pigments has been increasing strongly in Europe because of their enhanced colors, resistance and durability. At the same time, however, the European Union has introduced rules to ensure tha…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 11.05.18

  • PPG Hosts Innovation Summit

    The need for innovation in coatings, as well as in its main customer sectors, is more important than ever. Not only is competition in coatings become more intense, particularly in relatively slow growth but high-tech orientated regions like Europe…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 10.03.18

  • First Half of 2018 Proves Challenging for European Coatings Companies

    Coatings companies are trying to offset raw material costs by pushing up thier product prices.
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 09.01.18

  • EU Coatings Industry Prepares for Brexit

    The UK’s departure from the European Union, which is expected to take place in March 2019, will pose big problems not only for the country’s sector but also for much of Europe’s coatings industry as well. Brexit could dismantle a…
    Sean Milmo , European Correspondent 08.10.18

  • Potential Impact on Failure of Raw Materials Suppliers to Register with REACH

    European coatings producers are facing the strong possibility that large numbers of raw material suppliers will be unable to continue to provide them with pigments, resins, additives and other substances because of a failure to register them under th…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 07.03.18

  • Europe Moves Toward Bio-Based, Renewable Resources

    The European coatings supply chain is stepping up its efforts to ensure that a much higher proportion of its products are derived from bio or renewable sources. Much of the impetus is coming from climate change. The European Union has set a target…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 06.04.18

  • Coatings Supply Chain in Europe Continues Opposition to CLP Regulation of TiO2

    The coatings supply chain in Europe has been staging a last minute offensive to block the official classification of titanium dioxide as a suspected carcinogen  which will  require health warning labels to be put on paint containers. The…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 05.04.18

  • Surge in Offsite Construction Could Have Implications for Deco/Architectural Coatings Companies

    Europe is poised to become a much bigger market for prefabricated construction in a way which could cause a shake-up in the region’s decorative paints sector. Coatings producers will have to adapt to radically different supply chains with th…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 04.09.18

  • Anti-microbial Coatings Could Prodvide Opportunities for SMEs in Europe

    An effective way of combatting the threat of drug-resistant super bugs could be anti-microbial coatings (AMCs) using highly effective new technologies, such as formulations based on nano particles. AMCs could provide opportunities for SMEs and sta…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 03.19.18

  • EU Coatings Manufacturers Experience Growth Bolstered by Record High GDP

    European coatings producers should be more optimistic than for many years about prospects for 2018 after many of them enjoyed a buoyant 2017. Average GDP growth in the European Union’s 28 member states is currently at its highest since the 2…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 02.09.18

  • Sustainability Key Issue for SME European Coatings Manufacturers

    For Europe’s coatings industry,  like many other manufacturing  sectors  in the region,  a key objective is sustainability so that the sector sharply reduces its CO2 emissions by switching to low carbon materials with a mini…
    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent 01.04.18