Metrolina Greenhouses Galvanized Steel Study

Metrolina Greenhouses Galvanized Steel Study


The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) is pleased to announce two new additions to its Galvanized Steel Studies (GSS) initiative. In June, the AGA visited two sites in North Carolina, the Charlotte Douglas Airport Parking Decks and the Metrolina Greenhouses.  Each Galvanized Steel Study is a video featuring interviews with architects, engineers, owners, or others directly involved with a galvanized steel project speaking about how the hot-dip galvanizing has performed over the lifetime of the project.  As of July 2015, six videos have been completed.

The newest video added to the series was the Metrolina Greenhouses, also in North Carolina. Originally galvanized in 1973, Owner Art Van Wingerden spoke about the harsh environment of a greenhouse and how they needed a coating that would remain rust-free and maintenance-free for generations, while still providing a beautiful and sustainable product.
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