A Look at 'The Outdoor Study' from Thompson's WaterSeal

The experts at Thompson’s WaterSeal recently conducted a survey called ‘The Outdoor Study.' To gather laser-focused understanding of its customer base, the survey primarily focused on the following three areas: The Deck as an Extension of Your Home, Working from Home + Productivity, and Emotional Benefits of Time Spent Outdoors.

The top findings of this study include:

The Deck as an Extension of Your Home
  • A third of deck owners update/redecorate their deck more frequently that other rooms in the house and 68% of respondents felt like they have a new deck after it’s been re-stained
  • The study also found that among bedroom size (81%), an updated kitchen (77%), closet space (77%) and curb appeal (the appearance of the home exterior) (71%), decks were right there at 73% in items home buyers are looking for.
  • 41% of respondents shared that having outdoor space/deck played a very important role in selecting their current house! And knowing that deck space is important to sellers, 41% thought it would add “great value” to the sale of their home as well.
Working from Home + Productivity
  • 55% of adults that have worked outdoors on a deck said they are more productive
  • Nearly half (47%) of adults work in a non-traditional location (home or other) at least 20% of their workable hours. Deck owners are more likely to work more hours in non-traditional locations than non-deck owners.
Emotional Benefits of Time Spent Outdoors
  • 62% of respondents said their outlook on life is better when the spend time outdoors
  • 74% of respondents reported that spending time outdoors allows them to think freely without distraction]
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